About the Rotary Club of Echuca Moama


The club is comprised of 14 active members from diverse backgrounds and career paths.

We believe a healthy, vibrant club includes men and women of all ages from many cultures, backgrounds and vocations.

Women represent 28% of the membership.

We have current and/or former farmers, accountants, IT specialists, teachers, retailers, health professionals, public servants, engineers and tradespeople making up our numbers.

If you’re interested in coming along to a meeting or event to see what we are all about, we would love to hear from you – please email us at: secretary@echucarotary.org.

For more information about what Rotary does as a world wide organisation, check out the Rotary International website.

Board Structure for the 2022-2023 Rotary Year

Club President                                                         Kate Miller

Immediate Past President                                   Teresa Carlson

President Elect                                                        Rob Foran

Secretary                                                                  Rob Foran

Treasurer                                                                  Bernard Spry

Rotary Park Director                                             Neil Sproal

Club Services Director                                          Mike Stansbury

Other Service Roles and Contacts for the 2022-23 Rotary Year

Community Service                                               Julie Lomas

Vocational Service                                                 Teresa Carlson

International Service                                             Rob Foran

New Generations (Youth) Service                      Vacant

Program                                                                    Jim Hatfield

Assistant Secretary                                                 Julie Lomas

Rotary Foundation                                                 Richard Carlson

Public Image                                                            Kate Miller

Membership                                                             Teresa Carlson

Governance                                                              Richard Carlson

Environment & Sustainability                              Kate Miller